The Vampire Butler


In League of Heels, we’ve seen ghosts. We’ve seen wizards. We’ve seen lizardmen. But, we’ve never seen vampires. That is until PAXAMANIA III. In the opening match of the night, a team of four rookies were set to take on a team of four LOH veterans in an elimination match. When the rookie team needed a fourth, Johnny Cashanova called upon his trusty Vampire Butler to fill the spot.

When she entered the match, the rookie team was at a 2-on-4 disadvantage. That’s when the Vampire Butler bit her own teammate, Tanya, thus creating an unstoppable, immortal tag team. Tanya quickly eliminated Alexa and D-Leazy. And although Tanya was eliminated by Rich Gallup, the Vampire Butler eliminated both Rich and Dr. Tracksuit in the next 30 seconds to win the match for the rookies.

She bit Tanya! A vampire team is born. Down but not out.

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Immortalizing Teammates

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