Xavier Woods

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods (a.k.a. Austin Creed) has been in a feud with “Dirty” Dan Ryckert for what seems like ages. At E3 2015, Commissioner Greggy had Xavier live on the Kinda Funny stage to discuss the games of the show. But, by the end of the interview, the Commish had convinced the WWE Superstar and host of UpUpDownDown to come to LOH in order to destroy Ryckert. Then, in August 2015, Ryckert challenged Woods to a match in Soul Calibur, where the loser had to eat a massive helping of mayonnaise. Dan won, further fueling the hatred within the feud.

PAX Rumble 2015

Xavier got his revenge during the 3rd Annual* Rumble when he came on the jumbo tron live via satellite to distract Ryckert, who was the first entrant in the Rumble match. The distraction allowed Tim Turi, an enemy from Ryckert’s past, to toss him out of the ring, thus ruining Ryckert’s chance for a second title shot. Now, Xavier has challenged to a match in his own personal favorite game… Mario Kart Double Dash.

Live via satellite! Ryckert is shocked! Double Dash challenge has been issued!


Xavier Woods was originally supposed to take on Dirty Dan Ryckert in a Mario Kart Double Dash Grudge Match at PAXAMANIA II, but, at the time, he was one of the reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions and was required to appear on WWE’s tour of Europe. Ryckert tried to sell it as Xavier ducking him, but Xavier sent a video message to prove otherwise. Will the match ever happen? Maybe one day.

”Austin Creed”
Double Dash, Tricep Meat
Dan Ryckert, Mayonnaise

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