Chris Watters

Southern Slam

Gamespot’s Chris Watters took a break from telling you what games to buy at Target in order to participate in the inaugural Souther…sell copies of his book. His salesman tactics were not well received by the LOH Universe, but he was successful in the first round of the #1 contender tournament when Jenn Bane couldn’t figure out how to get back in the ring and got counted out. The published author met his end in the second round, though, when he attempted to cheat by hitting Amarisse Sullivan with a steel chair. The attack was blocked and Amarisse escaped a pin attempt right before the time limit to force a draw. While D-Leazy had decided the winner of a draw in an earlier match, this time, he left it up to the LOH Universe this time. Amarisse was chosen to move on to the finals.

Chris dispatched the Conductor quickly. Amarisse is not interest in your books. Shit’s gettin’ real.

Berkeley, CA
”Eat shit and die. XOXO”
Selling Books

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