Tim Turi

Tim Turi is a Social Media Specialist at Capcom and formerly the features editor at Game Informer, which is the last bastion of hope in the world of video game magazines. As such, Tim’s mind seems to be stuck in 1985. For six years, Tim was one half of The Minnesota Wreckin’ Crew with Dan Ryckert. Together, they were the dominant force in tag team eSports Entertainment in the midwest territory until Dan abandoned the team in 2014 to join Giant Bomb. The split was less than amicable, and Tim grew tired of Dan’s self-fueled hype machine. When “Dirty” Dan Ryckert weaseled his way into a LOH Championship match at PAXAMANIA, that was the last straw for Tim. So, when the 3rd Annual* Rumble rolled around, Tim made the trek out to Seattle to get his revenge.

For failing to win the title, Commissioner Greggy punished Ryckert by putting him in the #1 spot in the Rumble. Conveniently, Tim entered at #2; the perfect spot to ruin Ryckert’s quest for redemption. After a distraction from Xavier Woods, Tim hit Dan with a vicious headbutt, then slammed his head into a portable toilet, which left Dan incapacitated. Soon after, Tim was eliminated by Shawn Allen, but Tim’s true goal had already been accomplished.

Talkin’ trash before the bell. Get the toilet ready! Swirly success!

1985 Minneapolis
”Wait ’Til My Dad Hears About This!”
Giving Swirlies
Boneless Wings

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