Trin Garritano

Trin Garritano is the events manager for Cards Against Humanity and producer on Tabletop Deathmatch. She has become known as the best promo in all of eSports entertainment. On the surface, Trin is the most adorable, lovable superstar in LOH. But, if you wrong her in even the slightest way…you will regret it. There ain’t no stoppin’ the Trin Train once it’s headed for you.

PAX East Rumble 2014

At the inaugural PAX Rumble, Trin was eliminated in less than thirty seconds when the diabolical Jared Rea knocked her out. The worst part is that he got away with it because, amidst the chaos of the Rumble, Eric Pope thought it was Alex Navarro who did the deed and told Trin this.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Then, at the second PAX Rumble, the same thing happened again! It was Shawn Allen who eliminated her, but Pope told her it was Samantha Kalman. Trin immediately went on a tirade claiming she would “roll over Samantha’s corpse with her bodily heft” for turning on her. Did Pope make an honest mistake twice? Or is there some sort of ulterior motive to seed dissent in the Indie Love Coalition?

Hi guys! In the 2nd Rumble.


By the time PAXAMANIA rolled around, all was well between Trin and Samantha. The Indie Love Coalition had solidified with a total of five members including Shawn Allen, Alexa Ray Corriea, and Rich Gallup. Together, they defeated Run GFB in a Best of 3 Falls match in Saturday Night Slam Masters. Although Trin did not compete in the match itself, it can be said that it was her promo that struck fear and doubt into the dark hearts of Run GFB.

The ILC arrives! Always happy.
Or not. Hug it out.

Southern Slam

Afer missing the 3rd Annual* PAX Rumble, The Trin Train enlisted the help of her Friendshipping tag-team partner, Jenn Bane, in an attempt to dominate the 8-person #1 contender’s tournament. Unfortunately, their plan to secure the title shot was derailed in the first round. Both Trin and Jenn were eliminated rather quickly. Will the Trin Train and Conductor of Pain be there to support the champ at PAXAMANIA II? We shall see.

The first match of the tournament. We don’t know what we’re doing!
Trin temporarily took Mikey’s spot. Who is this masked woman?

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