Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer is the founder of Double Fine Productions. The legendary adventure game designer made his in-ring debut with LOH Wrestling at the inaugural PAX Rumble where he entered the match at #20. Tim lasted over three minutes before he was illegally eliminated by John Drake, who had re-entered the match after shattering a glass bottle over the head of Dan Teasdale.

On commentary after being in eliminated, Tim expressed concern about the level of trash talking John Drake had sunk to during the match. According to Tim, mothers should not be involved. About a minute later, Drake was eliminated by Alex Navarro, who up until that point had been on Team Harmonix, but revealed his true allegiance was with Team Giant Bomb. Drake was flabbergasted, and Tim took this as an opportunity to get revenge. Tim attacked Drake behind the announce table and left him bloodied and shoeless. Yes…Tim stole the man’s shoes.

Tim’s in it to win it! Tim takes Drake’s shoes after a beatdown.

Sonoma, CA
”I would never say that about someone’s mother.”
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