Thing Dos


After the AV Club revolted and ran off with the only N64 in the state of Massachusetts, the rest of PAXAMANIA III was in danger of being cancelled. But, The Trin Train came to the rescue with a deck of WWE Uno. She quickly recruited a team of tabletop masters that included Maya Coleman (Secret Hitler) and the enigma known as Razlo (Billionaire Banshee) to take on a mystery team in a two-out-of-three falls match.

For that mystery team, Aaron Trites called upon former champion Alex Navarro to help out. The Wolf wandered into the arena through a service entrance in the back looking like he hadn’t shaved or cut his hair since PAX RUMBLE IV. Despite being aggravated by the thought of competing in a card game, Navarro agreed to take the match after Spanish commentator Elisa Melendez introduced two “technical” luchadors as his partners.

Thing Dos went first for his team, but didn’t seem to understand the rules of Uno and quickly lost to Razlo, thus putting his team down 1-0. After Thing Uno performed equally poorly, the two luchadors quickly left the arena out a side entrance never to be seen again.

The masked mystery team. Getting psyched out by Razlo.

Parts Unknown
Technical Wrestling

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