Tanya X. Short


”The Glamunist” Tanya X. Short of Kitfox Games came to PAXAMANIA III simply to lay the smack down on some overconfident LOH veterans and look good doin’ it. As a member of the rookie team, Tanya entered the 4-on-4 elimination match third as her team was at a 2 vs 4 disadvantage. But, The Glamunist became the MVP of the match by taking out both Alexa and D-Leazy to even the odds. It was at this point that The Vampire Butler bit Tanya on the neck, thus creating an unstoppable vampire duo that went on to eliminate both Dr. Tracksuit and Rich Gallup. If these two enter the 5th Rumble, who could stop them?

Bit by the vampire! This means trouble. Taking down D-Leazy.

The Shrouded Isle
Looking at Trees

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