The Great Suda

PAX Rumble V

When Kenny Omega was putting together his digital revolution, the mysterious and gruesome Great Muta was at the top of his list. Every good wrestling stable needs a madman, and The Great Suda is definitely that. Before the Rumble even started, Suda had already blasted Biggie O’Smalls with poison mist. Why? No one knows.

The Great Suda entered his first RUMBLE at #6 as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos, Suda was eliminated by his own Digivolution teammate, Mega Ran. As Suda was exiting the ringside area, Biggie O’Smalls was coming in at #9. Out of frustration, The Great Suda blasted the world’s tallest leprechaun again with poison mist. As the leader of The Digivolution, Kenny Omega was not pleased with the disorganized performance of his friends and commanded them all to return to the lair to make a new gameplan.

The Digivolution is here! Beware of the mist. Especially if you’re a leprechaun. On the edge of his seat.

Nagano, Japan
Mystical Powers
Poison Mist

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