The Mystery Shark

PAX Rumble V

After former LOH Champion Samantha Kalman was eliminated in the first minute of the fifth RUMBLE, she vowed to find a way back into the match before storming out of the arena. Then, when #14 was called, a mysterious wrestler appeared wearing a shark mask and a Sentris shirt. Pat Baer (and everyone else) assumed this was Samantha trying to get back into the match, so the game was paused until Pat could get some answers. Before the interrogation could begin, Samantha herself appeared wearing a pirate costume. Wait...what?

As it turns out, Samantha had actually planned on using the "mystery opponent" spot at #14 to get back in, but this shark-person took her spot. Since the shark-masked wrestler had already sat down, she was allowed to stay and compete. Although she was unable to eliminate anyone, she survived for nearly three minutes, which was far longer than most that year. It was almost like she'd done this before...

Complete confusion. Who is this?! Hangin' in there. And she's out!

The Puget Sound

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