Samit Sarkar

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Samit Sarkar is a senior reporter for Polygon who made his LOH debut at the second PAX Rumble where he drew the unluckiest spot and entered at #1. Samit was eliminated by Respawn’s Abbie Heppe in about ninety seconds.

Lookin’ dapper.

3rd Annual* PAX Rumble

Samit returned for the 3rd Annual* Rumble and it was clear he had spent his year away from eSports Entertainment in training. Samit had also discarded his dapper blazer in favor of officially licensed New York Yankees gear, which drew the ire of Boston-native Eric Pope. This time, he entered at #26 and survived for a total of seven and a half minutes (3rd longest that year), which took him to the brink of victory. On his path, he eliminated both D-Leazy and his former tag team partner Alexa Ray Corriea, two important figures in the Run GFB vs ILC war. It all came down to Samit and Samantha Kalman at the end. Samit was distracted by Rich Gallup’s briefcase of endless money, which led to him getting tossed and Samantha winning.

Pope is NOT a fan of the attire. So close to victory.


Samit Sarkar came to Seattle for a nice, relaxing Labor Day weekend. Yet, somehow, Aaron Trites announced him as a participant during the introductions to PAX RUMBLE IV. Samit was not prepared to wrestle, but he rolled with it like a pro. He entered the match at #22 as The Undertaker and eliminated four other superstars including Austin Walker. For a total of eleven minutes, the second longest run that year, Samit dominated much of the later stages of the Rumble. In a cruel twist of fate, Samit was the last person eliminated just like he was in 2015.

I’m doing what? In the Rumble again. Runner-up two years in a row!


Once again, LOH promoter Aaron Trites proved he can't count and needed Samit to fill in the spot at the last minute. As Pat Baer pointed out, though, Samit always performs way better than other who had months to prepare for the Rumble. So, Samit came in at #30, which made him the first to ever draw #1 and #30 in PAX Rumbles. Despite getting the best spot, Samit was eliminated in less than a minute by Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert which was the elimination that actually broke Teddy Dief's record. After two years in a row being eliminated last, Samit was second to last this year.

Can't you fools count? In the final four again.

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