Samantha Kalman

PAX East Rumble 2014

Samantha Kalman is the founder of Timbre Interactive, the independent developer of Sentris. In the world of LOH, she has become known as “The People’s Champion” and is the leader of the Indie Love Coalition, a stable of superstars who are developers or supporters of independent spirit. Samantha made her LOH Wrestling debut at the inaugural PAX Rumble where she secretly formed an alliance with Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro. Late in the match, the two teamed up to eliminate all other competitors to ensure that one of the two of them would win it all. Once it was down to just the two of them, Alex quickly dispatched Kalman to claim victory for himself.

Collusion against Jared. The agony of defeat.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Spurned by the LOH champion, Kalman attacked Navarro prior to the second PAX Rumble in her hometown. Her only shot at true revenge was to win the Rumble and defeat Navarro in the title match in the main event. Unfortuntely for Samantha, other forces were at work beyond her control. While in the ring, the lights went out in the arena and Dr. Tracksuit appeared with a golden urn. With it, he summoned his cohort, The Underdraker, and they appeared to be prepared to destroy D-Leazy as they did at the first Rumble. Instead, Tracksuit and Drake smashed bottles over the heads of Kalman and fellow indie developer Shawn Allen, thus revealing they had joined forces with D-Leazy in the most hated faction in all of LOH, Run GFB. Kalman was able to recuperate in time to defend herself, but the 3-on-1 attack was too much in the end.

Pre-ILC Glassed. 3-on-1 Attack!


Prior to PAXAMANIA, Samantha created her own stable of superstars to combat Run GFB. Together, they formed what would become known as the Indie Love Coalition and challenged Run GFB in a Best of 3 Falls match in Saturday Night Slam Masters. With the match tied at one fall a piece, Kalman was able to clinch victory for her team by defeating “The Prescriber of Pain” Dr. Tracksuit.

Later in the event, Samantha Kalman offered her support to her former ally and current LOH champion Alex Navarro. He had been blackmailed into a No DQ No Mercy match against Dirty Dan Ryckert and Run GFB was backing Ryckert. It appeared as though Navarro was in for a 4-on-1 handicap match, and Kalman felt sympathy for him. Navarro graciously declined her offer stating that he had to do this on his own. It was later revealed that Navarro was in cahoots with Run GFB the whole time and rather easily defended his title. Will this deception refuel the rivalry between Navarro and Kalman? Will she ever get her title shot?

The ILC arrives! Hug it out! Samantha prepares for the Doctor.
Teeth grinding action! Tracksuit defeated! Tracksuit is crazy!

PAX Rumble 2015

Coming off their victory at PAXAMANIA, the Indie Love Coalition came to the 3rd Annual* Rumble with a single goal in mind: help Samantha win the Rumble. She would be their best chance at taking down The Wolf and claiming the LOH Championship. Samantha entered the match at #28, a prime position to win it all, but D-Leazy had just entered at #27. The rest of Run GFB attempted to interfere, but were stopped by Alexa and “Professa Killah” Austin Walker. In the melee outside the ring, Alexa took a shot to the head from The UnderDraker’s urn and it was unclear whether she would make it to the ring when her name. Unexpectedly, Samit ended up eliminating both Alexa and D-Leazy himself, showing no signs of allegiance to either side. But, he was distracted by Rich Gallup’s cash and Samantha knocked him off the apron to win the match.

Austin stops Tracksuit from interfering. Samantha wins the Rumble!

For the title match, Commissioner Greggy declared it would be held inside a steel cage to prohibit interference from either Run GFB or ILC. Inexplicably, Dr. Tracksuit tore through the cage when it appeared Samantha had the upper hand in the match. But, instead of attacking her, they embraced as they had at PAXAMANIA. Confused by this, the champ became furious. Tracksuit then embraced him with a powerful hug that nearly incapacitated The Wolf. Then, to the dismay of Aaron Trites, Samantha hit Alex with a shard of the indie trophy that had been destroyed by D-Leazy at PAXAMANIA. This allowed her enough time to escape the cage and win, thus becoming the new LOH Champion. The Era of Love has arrived in LOH Wrestling.

For the title. The hug heard ‘round the world.

Southern Slam

The new LOH Champion was unable to make it to San Antonio for the inaugural Southern Slam as she was quite busy living the high life of a champion. She sent a video message to be played for her “loyal subjects,” which even Aaron Trites noted that it seemed to have a hint of hubris. To add fuel to that fire, Samantha nonchalantly revealed that she had misplaced the championship belt. Now that she’s set to defend the belt at PAXAMANIA II against Amarisse Sullivan, the question must be asked: Who has the belt?!

A video message from the champ. She lost the belt? VR parties don’t stop.


The champ arrived at PAXAMANIA II in Boston still without the championship belt. On top of that, her challenger, Amarisse Sullivan was a no-show. To make matters even worse, Alexa Ray Corriea had left the ILC the night before, which Samantha said was because she told Alexa she wasn’t good at wrestling games. The champ then gave the title shot to her new best friend and newest ILC member, Danielle Riendeau. During the title match, D-Leazy ran in with “legal proceedings” claiming that Alexa had hired him to represent her in a wrongful termination law suit against the champ. This meant Samantha was suspended from in-ring competition, so she convinced Austin Walker to finish the match for her. Austin defeated Danielle and thought he was the new champion. Commissioner Miller declared Samantha was the new champ, which led to her going on a tirade about how she did this all on her own. The rest of the ILC had seen and heard enough. Danielle knocked her out with a straight right hand to the jaw and Sean Baptiste stormed off in frustration. Rich Gallup helped the champ out of the ring, but it would appear the Indie Love Coalition is no more.

Everything’s fine! First title defense.
Got served. The ILC is done?


The beltless champion, still sporting a black eye from five months ago, crossed town to the Westin Seattle for PAX RUMBLE IV on a mission to end the dispute over who should be the LOH Champion. With the ILC in shambles and Rich Gallup unable to attend due to budget cuts, the champ was flying solo for the first time in a long time. In the days leading up to the event, Austin Walker had been taunting her over social media that he had the belt she misplaced many months ago. As fate would have it, despite not actually winning the Rumble, Austin found his way into the triple threat title match against Samantha and Alex Navarro. He did this by revealing he had melted down the old belt into gold chains, which he “redistributed” to the LOH Universe, a move that inspired John Drake to give up his spot in the match.

Before the title match could begin, Teddy Dief and Genevieve St-Onge of Square Enix offered to buy the Indie Love Coalition. Beneath the chants of “You’re A Sellout!,” Samantha decided that if she won the match, she would stay indie, but, if she lost, she would sign with Square Enix.

A couple minutes into the match, Alex paused the game and went on an existential rant where he asked Samantha to recall the first Rumble where they teamed up to eliminate everyone else. After several unsuccessful attempts to interrupt their conversation, Austin unpaused the game, delivered two Stone Cold Stunners to Samantha, and pinned her to capture the LOH Championship before either she or Alex even knew what happened. Obviously, they were both furious once they turned around, and Samantha reluctantly signed Teddy’s papers.

The champ wants that new belt. A proposition. The title match.
Cohen knows where this is headed. Samantha signs away ILC.


After spending a year under the control of Teddy Dief, Samantha was ready to win the RUMBLE again at any cost. During her introduction, Teddy did not allow her to speak except to read a poem his "screen writer" had prepared for her to read. It was simply a means to take shots at The Wolf, whose elimination record Teddy had eclipsed in 2016.

Samantha's hopes of winning again were immediately dashed when she was announced as the #1 entrant in the Rumble. Then, she was shockingly eliminated in 15 seconds by LOH rookie, Mega Ran. In the Baer Caev, Samantha confessed that she hated what her life has become since selling the ILC to Teddy. She demanded to be put back in the match, which Aaron Trites refused to do. Samantha stormed off claiming she had a plan.

At #14 in the Rumble, Aaron called for a previously unannounced mystery wrestler. A woman in a shark mask wearing a Sentris shirt ran to the ring, which led to the game being paused since it was obvious that Samantha had illegally re-entered the match. While Pat Baer attempted to investigate, Samantha showed up in a pirate disguise. As it turns out, Samantha did in fact plan on illegally re-entering under a disguise, but whoever this Mystery Shark was beat her to the punch. Since the shark lady was already seated in the ring, Samantha's attempt to re-enter was a failure. It's back to the drawing board for the former champ.

Read your contracts y'all. Roses are red... The Rumble begins! A plan thwarted by a shark.

Seattle, WA
Indie Love Coalition
presented by Square Enix
”UmJammer Sammy”

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