Rich Gallup

Rich Gallup is an executive producer at Disruptor Beam and formerly of the ill-fated 38 Studios. Many LOH fans know him best from his days at Gamespot as the host of On the Spot. These days, Rich has transitioned into becoming the fast-talkin’, wheeling and dealing, somewhat misleading manager of the Indie Love Coalition.

PAX East Rumble 2014

Rich made his LOH debut at the inaugural PAX Rumble where he entered at #26 thinking he had his old Gamespot cohort, Alex Navarro, as an ally. That was not the case. In less than two minutes, Alex had delivered two Snow Plows to Rich ending his run in the Rumble with an embarrassing TKO.

In the first Rumble.


Rich returned to LOH a year later at the first PAXAMANIA as part of the newly formed Indie Love Coalition, which is led by “The People’s Champion” Samantha Kalman. The ILC was successful in their mission to defeat Run GFB in a Best of 3 Falls match in Saturday Night Slam Masters. Now, Rich is setting his sights on recruiting more members to the Coalition for the low, low publishing fee of 54%.

PAX Rumble 2015

At the 3rd Annual* Rumble, the ILC manager brought a secret weapon…cold, hard cash. Rich promised residuals to anyone eliminated by a member of the Indie Love Coalition and he delivered. The lure of money distracted Samit Sarkar at the end of the Rumble, which led to Samantha eliminating Samit to win the match. The title match was held in a steel cage, so Rich was unable to even attempt to taunt Alex with money, but Samantha won anyway. Rich threw the rest of the money into the LOH Universe and left the briefcase in the hands of for historical purposes.

Rich distracts Samit. ILC reigns supreme.


While the ILC was at the top of the world by the end of the Rumble, PAXAMANIA II was not a good day for Rich and the ILC. Their numbers had dwindled, which Rich blamed on the Panama Papers and bad investments. Plus, Alexa had left the group the night before after a verbal dispute with Samantha. The champ’s new attitude was clearly rubbing other ILC members the wrong way, but they continued on to the title match. During the match, D-Leazy ran in to announce that he had been hired by Alexa in a wrongful termination law suit, which meant Samantha was suspended from in-ring competition. The champ called on Austin Walker to fill in for her and he won. Thinking he had become the new champion, Austin celebrated, but was stopped when Samantha came back and declared still champion. Samantha then went on a tirade claiming she had climbed her way to the top all alone without the help of anyone. This led to Danielle Riendeau knocking her out and Sean Baptiste storming out of the arena, thus disbanding the ILC entirely. Rich helped Samantha out of the arena, so it appears he may be the only one left on her side.

Everything’s just fine. No…no it’s not.


With the Indie Love Coalition completely dissolved as a result of the events at the Rumble, Rich Gallup came to PAXAMANIA III with no one to represent…or so we thought. Rich was signed to compete in the opening match of the evening, which was a mishmash of LOH veterans versus a team of four rookies. Joining Rich were the reprehensible D-Leazy, the friendly yet confused Dr. Conrad Tracksuit, and Rich’s former ILC teammate, Alexa Ray Corriea.

In the match, the veteran team unexpectedly lost, but Rich was the last surviving member of his team. He and Dr. Conrad were both eliminated by Johnny Cashanova’s Vampire Butler. Despite the loss, D-Leazy revealed that this and everything else over the past several years were all a part of his master plan. It was at this moment that Alexa blew a cloud of “white powder” into the face of Dr. Conrad, which led to a disturbing transformation into the maniacal Dr. Tracksuit we knew from years ago. All four members of the veteran team then revealed that they were wearing RUN GFB shirts, which scared the rookies out of the building. A new era of RUN GFB had begun!

In the ring for the first time since the first Rumble. The awakening of Dr. Tracksuit.
Get that shirt off, Rich! RUN GFB is back!

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