After the AV Club revolted and ran off with the only N64 in the state of Massachusetts, the rest of PAXAMANIA III was in danger of being cancelled. But, The Trin Train came to the rescue with a deck of WWE Uno. She quickly recruited a team of tabletop masters that included Maya Coleman (Secret Hitler) and the enigma known as Razlo (Billionaire Banshee) to take on a mystery team in a two-out-of-three falls match.

After scaring Pat Baer with his mysterious “hand eye,” Razlo proclaimed that he had “drank the magic mother’s milk” and therefore could now “breathe underwater and cannot be stopped!” This further unsettled everyone at ringside including Johnny Cashanova. In the first match of the Uno series, Razlo took down Thing Dos in dominating fashion. Maya quickly dispatched Thing Uno to clinch the sweep for their team and prevented former LOH Champion, Alex Navarro, from ever entering the match.

He’s unstoppable! Awaiting the mystery team. Proper Uno technique.

New Hampshire
Spooky Hand Eyes

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