Ramón is D-Leazy’s legal mentor and advisor. After getting fired by Commissioner Greg Miller, D-Leazy went on a quest south of the border to become an attorney. There, he found Ramón, the lead partner of the Ramón, Franco, & Ochoa Law Firm. Ramón mentored D-Leazy and together they found a loophole that would allow the former leader of RUN GFB to compete in LOH Wrestling again. Shockingly, they also located Dr. Tracksuit who had disappeared after the Rumble. The doctor had been peacefully building a family practice in Fresno. Ramón and D-Leazy were able to add an amendment to the LOH Code of Conduct that made it illegal for anyone to reference Dr. Tracksuit’s past anytime he was present.

At PAXAMANIA II, Ramón accompanied D-Leazy and Dr. Tracksuit to the ring and continued to offer legal advice whenever necessary. During the show, it was revealed that they had been hired by former ILC member, Alexa Ray Corriea, had hired them in a wrongful termination suit against Samantha Kalman, which resulted in suspending the champ from in-ring competition and created a controversy over who the rightful champion of LOH is.

With Dave Lang Esquire. Providing sound legal advice. They found him!


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