Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail is the jet-flyin’, wheelin’ and dealin’ co-founder of the Dutch indie studio known as Vlambeer. He spends the majority of his time jet setting around the globe giving talks on game design and business, but, in 2015, he found time during a layover in Seattle to participate in the 3rd Annual* Rumble. Rami drew a pretty good number and entered the match at #23, but he was stopped on the way to the ring for a “random” security check by Senior LOH Referee Pat Baer. By the time Rami was able to actually enter the ring, Jon Brown was already attacking Rami’s character, Road Dogg. He didn’t stand a chance and was eliminated in just nine seconds. Hopefully, Rami’s itinerary will align with LOH in the future.

Random security check?! This is taking forever!

The Sky
”Everything is Not Fine, and That’s Fine”
Crates, Fishing, Nukes
Random Checks

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