Eric Pope

Eric Pope is LOH Wrestling’s color commentator and sometimes singer. He is often baffled by the actions of LOH’s superstars, but is always on point when it comes to doing his reads for Skittles.

Although Pope has never participated in a match during a League of Heels event, he was in fact responsible for Dan Ryckert being unable to appear at the inaugural PAX Royal Rumble. Pope (allegedly) beat Ryckert senseless with a bed pan. Some speculate that there is a deranged lunatic beneath the surface of this otherwise jovial announcer simply waiting for his chance to escape the desk and enter ring.

PAX East Rumble 2014

Pope takes out Ryckert.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Pope interviews Tracksuit. Pope smirk.


PAXAMANIA begins! Priceless prizes! What a shit show.

PAX Rumble 2015

RUMBLE pre-game. This is what a juggalo looks like. Do you smell smoke?


Former American sings “America the Beautiful.” Checking on the commish.


After missing PAX RUMBLE IV, Pope returned at PAXAMANIA III in his former home of Boston. Pat Baer had heard enough about Pope’s gloating about how great Canada is, and decided to challenge Pope to a 4-on-4 Canada vs NYC battle. Unfortunately, Pope was double-crossed when one of his chosen team members, Canadian Dan Ryckert, revealed that he had recently transferred to a GameStop in New York. Not only did Ryckert eliminate two members of Team Canada, in a very regular-ass Dan Ryckert move, “Authentic New Yorker” Dan Ryckert used team captain Pat Baer’s eliminated character to pull Devon Gardner out of the ring from the outside, thus winning the match for NYC.

Hey, Pope’s back! Rested and ready to go. Team Canada I’m sorry.


Meet your heroes at LOH. Aaron, what have you done?

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