Phil Tibitoski

Phil “Tibz” Tibitoski is the co-founder, president, PR guy, and some other stuff for Young Horses. He made an impactful debut in LOH when he entered the inaugural PAX Rumble at #5 as The Big Show. Tibz survived for over nine minutes, which was longer than anyone except the eventual champion, Alex Navarro. In that nine minute stand, Tibz tossed five other competitors from the Rumble, which was also more than anyone except for Alex. Tibz might have gone the distance, but he underestimated the strength of Double Fine’s Amarisse Sullivan and was the tenth person eliminated.

Despite this dominant showing at the first Rumble, we have not seen Phil Tibitoski return to the ring since. Is he waiting for the perfect moment to make a surprise return?

Tibz dominating!

Chicago, IL
”Controller controls are good for controlling things.”
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