Det. Benjamin Princess

PAX Rumble IV

Introduced by Aaron Trites as Paul Verhoeven (not that one) of 28 Plays Later, this LOH rookie revealed that Paul is his undercover name and that he is actually Detective Benjamin Princess from Scotland Yard. He claimed to have been sent to investigate corruption in League of Heels. Well, he’s going to have his hands full with that. In the Rumble, Princess entered at #23 but only survived a little over a minute. He will go down in the record books as Teddy Dief’s record-breaking 13th elimination in a single Rumble.

Crumpets! Teddy’s final victim.

PAX Rumble V

Princess returned for a second RUMBLE in 2017. This time with a little less pants. After the champion, Austin Walker, was poisoned, Princess was called upon to help with the investigation. But, instead of helping, he claimed that we not actually a detective. Apparently, “Detective” is his legal first name. In the match itself, Princess unluckily drew #2 as Shane McMahon. He lasted about 90 seconds when he unfortunately became the first person to ever get eliminated from a Rumble by submission.

How British is he? You’re gonna regret that. 5th Rumble begins!

London, England
(undercover in Sydney)
Unicorns, Unicron

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