Pat Baer

PAX East Rumble 2014

Half superstar. Half referee. Half hype man. Pat Baer does it all. Hailing from the UCB Theater in New York City, Pat made his debut in LOH at the inaugural PAX Rumble where he entered at #29 as Paul Bearer (no relation). Normally, #29 would be a great spot, but Alex Navarro was steamrolling everyone by this point on his way to winning the whole thing. Pat was chucked over the top by Navarro in less than thirty seconds.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

At the second PAX Rumble, Pat Baer entered at #18 and survived for nearly five minutes. In that time, he eliminated “Mr. Infinity” Johnny V, but eventually became the only person to be eliminated by Dirty Dan Ryckert. After being eliminated, Pat became a cheerleader for “The People’s Champion” Samantha Kalman. Unfortunately for them both, Run GFB’s 3-on-1 assault could not be stopped that easily.

This belt is not recognized by LOH. In the 2nd Rumble! Go Samantha!


By the time PAXAMANIA rolled around, Pat had opted to retire from in-ring competition in order to devote more time to being promoter Aaron Trites’ right-hand man in booking LOH Wrestling as well as becoming the new senior referee. Pat masterfully navigated through the chaos of PAXAMANIA and officiated all five matches on the card.

PAX Rumble 2015

Pat once again officiated an entire event when it came to the 3rd Annual* Rumble. No ref bumps this time, but some are blaming his fog machine for the fire alarm that nearly canceled the whole event. Was it truly Pat’s fault? Or was it Alex Rubens’ confetti cannons that went off just moments before the alarm? Or was it possibly Dr. Tracksuit “cooking” backstage? We may never truly know. Will someone take the fall? That may have to be decided by Commissioner Greggy.

Southern Slam

At the inaugural Southern Slam, Pat debuted a new segment entitled The Baer Caev where he would interview the superstars before, during, and after the matches. Most notably, there were no fog machines.

Khahil in victory. Kate in defeat.


The Baer Caev returned at PAXAMANIA II as Pat once again wore many hats. He hosted the pre-show for the live crowd, he interviewed superstars, he gave live updates from backstage, and he even served as a referee throughout the weekend at both The Mario Maker World Championships and an impromptu hot dog eating contest at the Giant Bomb panel. Pat Baer, and therefore The Baer Caev, is literally everywhere.


Pat Baer went on a virtual journey in preparation for PAX RUMBLE IV but eventually found his way to actual Seattle. He handled all the introductions and announcements before and during the Rumble.


For the first time in two and a half years, Pat came out of the Baer Caev and entered the virtual squared circle at PAXAMANIA III. Pat had become fed up with Eric Pope’s constant praise of Canada, a country he’d lived in for barely a year. So, Pat challenged Pope to a NYC vs Canada match, but Pope turned it into a 4-on-4 elimination match. Pat enlisted the help of Waypoint’s Danika Harrod and Nuchallenger’s Shawn Allen. In the biggest swerve of the night, Pat revealed that Canadian Dan Ryckert had recently transferred to a GameStop in New York, thus stealing one of the best superstars from the 4th Rumble for his team.

The match itself was filled with controversy. Both Pat and Dan were eliminated by BioWare’s Devon Gardner when he used Kate Stark’s eliminated avatar to pull them out of the ring from the floor. The favor was returned when Dan used Pat’s eliminated avatar to pull Devon out when he was the last surviving member of the Canadian team, thus giving the NYC team the win.

After the match, Pat returned to the Baer Caev and continued with his regular duties therein.

Out of retirement. Consoling the former champ.


Pat Baer returned to Seattle once again under the promise that there would no spookiness at this year's RUMBLE. Well, that promise was broken almost immediately when the LOH Champion Austin Walker was mysteriously poisoned. As if that weren't enough, Pat's patience was tested repeatedly as the ring was littered with The Fleshripper's blood, The Great Suda's blue mist, and Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert's flurry of hot dogs. Pat was at least pleased to find out that the Seattle Fire Department had absolved the League of any wrongdoing in the fog machine incident of 2015.

Ah...dammit. It was a good run.

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