Nick Robinson


Nick “MiLLENNIAL1990” Robinson made his LOH debut at PAX RUMBLE IV where he was almost forgotten by Aaron Trites during the introductions. Bewildered as to how he ended up in an event with so many baby boomers, Nick spent most of his time during the event focused on Periscoping and Snapchatting his experience to his throngs of fans. He entered the match at #6 and was illegally eliminated by Danielle Riendeau. On his way out, he nearly disconnected the N64 when his phone cable and selfie stick got tangled with the controller cords. To which Jeff Gerstmann exclaimed, “Millenials are ruining video game wrestling.” It’s not his fault though; he’s never seen non-cordless controllers.

One for the ‘gram. Always streaming. Ruined.

San Francisco…Obviously
”Big Cheeto”

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