The Mouse Maid

PAX Rumble V

After witnessing an eventual murder, Zandra, the LOH Merch Boss, backed out of competing in the fifth RUMBLE. She apologized and promised Aaron that she would have a replacement by the time her number was called. Zandra's number ended up being 5. At first, it appeared that no one was taking her place. But, after taking a closer look, Pat Baer pointed out that a tiny mouse maid had taken the first chair in the ring. Ironically, her avatar in the match was the largest athlete in the world, The Big Show. The Mouse Maid came to clean up the ring and did so by eliminating both Detective Benjamin Princess and Danielle Riendeau with ease! She survived the onslaught of Mega Ran for three and a half minutes before finally getting tossed over the top.

More importantly, she survived several attempted attacks from the Japanese wrestling cat known as Daryl.

You can't see her, but there's a tiny mouse in the 1st chair. This spikey guy is a mess.


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