Mikey “Dave” Neumann

PAX Prime Rumble 2015

Mikey Neumann is the Chief Creative Champion of Gearbox Software and a former PAX keynote speaker. He first appeared in LOH Wrestling at the 3rd Annual* Rumble where he was a last-minute surprise entrant who came in at lucky #13. Mikey survived for over three and a half minutes by masterfully evading the ire of Dan Teasdale was dominated the middle stages of the match with seven eliminations. Unfortunately, Mikey was unable to eliminate anyone himself, and was eventually tossed out of the ring by Smosh Games’ Matt Sohinki. In his post match interview, Mikey confessed that it took him several minutes to realize he was the guy in the green pants.

Lean into it, hard! Avoid Dan as long as possible. He was the one in green pants.

Southern Slam

After making a surprise debut in the Rumble, Mikey returned to the ring at the inaugural Southern Slam for the #1 contender tournament. Inexplicably, moments before his first round match against Kris Straub, Mikey asked to take a bathroom break. As he sprinted out of the arena, Kris started the match. After getting a few free shots in, Trin Garritano stormed the ring and took over in Mikey’s absence. When Mikey returned from the bathroom, Kris choked him out, but was unable to secure the win before the match’s time limit. Since the match ended in a draw, D-Leazy was given the opportunity to decide the winner. D-Leazy does not appreciate being late for work, so he awarded the match to Kris.

About to begin… …but wait, I gotta pee. Kris choked him out.


For his third appearance in LOH, Mikey Neumann entered PAX RUMBLE IV as… “Dave.” Dave is just a normal guy among these superstars of esports entertainment. He just wants to get high and play some board games. “Dave” became an immediate fan favorite among the LOH Universe as chants of his name could be heard all the way down the street at Top Pot Doughnuts. Unfortunately, “Dave” drew #1 in the Rumble and was eliminated illegally by Danielle Riendeau. He took it in stride though and was seen later in the Sheraton lobby playing some board games.

Hi, Dave! It’s lonely at #1. Not a board game.

Plano, TX
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