The Merchador

PAX Rumble IV

The mysterious Merchador first appeared at PAX RUMBLE IV in Seattle where he assisted Alex Zandra with the league’s first ever Experimental Mobile Merch Platform™. The Merchador lives for one thing; extracting money from the LOH Universe via his dark powers (a Square app on his phone). During the Rumble itself, The Merchador briefly interfered by stealing KF.Fobwashed’s keyboard & mouse after Pat Baer disallowed the use of personal equipment in the Rumble. The Merchador sold the keyboard & mouse outside for a high price.

Setting up the gimmicks. Even Canadian Dan Ryckert wants merch. The Merchador grabs Fobwashed’s keyboard to sell.

PAX Rumble V

The Merchador returned to Seattle for the fifth RUMBLE and he didn’t come alone. In order to boost sales, he paid to have a high profile Japanese wrestling superstar to accompany him at the merch table. Daryl Takahashi, the famous cat from New Japan Pro Wrestling, came to the Rumble while recovering from his devastating injuries suffered during the G1 Climax tournament a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, the investment was a financial boondoggle for The Merchador, but Daryl had a great time.

Merchador & Daryl arrive. Doing what he does best.
South Detroit
”Viva La Mercancía!”

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