The wildman known Lasercorn of Smosh Games made his debut in LOH Wrestling at the 3rd Annual* Rumble, but it almost didn’t even happen. Not only did the Rumble itself not happen due to fire alarms, but Aaron Trites must have somehow skipped Lasercorn’s spot in the match. When Alexa Ray Corriea was announced as #30, Lasercorn had still not entered the match. When Chris Faylor got eliminated, the countdown in the game started again, and, in the midst of the confusion, a topless Lasercorn stormed the ring and claimed the actual #30 spot as Triple H. He survived almost two minutes and was eliminated by the eventual winner, Samantha Kalman. Would things have turned out differently if Lasercorn had been called at his intended spot? We will never know.

In the final four! In the final three!

Los Angeles, CA
Unicorns Wielding Laser-sighted Rocket Launchers

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