Kris Straub

Southern Slam

Kris Straub made his LOH Wrestling debut at the inaugural Southern Slam and most notably set the record for the most times being put in a sleeper hold in an hour. In the first round, he was pitted against his own tag team partner, Mikey Neumann, and won via decision after the match ended in a time limit draw. In the semi-finals, Kris was attacked by a series of mysterious, masked wrestlers kept rushing the stage to choke him out. Kris fought back, but was unable to stop Khahil White from pinning him and moving on to the finals.

Mikey went to pee? Really? Mikey’s back…sort of. Guess that’s the end of that podcast.
Who is this masked luchador?! And another! Khahil wins before Kris regains consciousness.


Kris Straub entered his first Rumble in Seattle at PAX RUMBLE IV where he discreetly told Pat Baer that he had created a new character for himself. Now known as “Mr. Kayfabe,” Kris said he was dedicated to maintaining the performative veil of video game wrestling. Sadly, taking things seriously led to Kris having the shortest run in the match at just thirteen seconds. Still not as bad as Nick Chester’s record though.

Serious business. A short stay.


Emerging from a mist cloud, "Mr. Kayfabe" returned for another RUMBLE in 2017. Unfortunately for Kris, despite entering late at #24, he only lasted nine seconds thanks to some dirty tactics from Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert. That means he's spent a total of 22 seconds in the ring between his two RUMBLE appearances.

Keep it kayfabe. In and out.

Los Angeles, CA
"Mr. Kayfabe"
”Dr. Arabia”
”Professor Misery”
1001 Arabian Fights”
”Bone Wizard”
”The Egyptian Physician”
”Sphinx Fist”
”King of Blows”
”Cairo Fists Supply Company”
Throwing People into Dumpsters Full of Old Bike Parts
Developing a Catchphrase

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