Chris Kohler

Chris Kohler is a contributing editor at Wired and notoriously an aficionado of retro gaming and collecting. In his first appearance in LOH, Kohler entered the Rumble at #6 as Stone Cold Steve Austin. He lasted nearly ten minutes in the ring, which ranks him in the Top 5 for endurance of that event. In that time, he eliminated three superstars: Stephen Toulouse, Casey Lynch, and… himself.

That’s right. Just when it appeared Kohler was set to go the distance, he unwittingly eliminated himself. After suplexing Casey Lynch to the floor from the apron, Kohler attempted to grab Dr. Tracksuit, presumably to repeat the suplex to the outside. Instead, Kohler delivered a slingshot by dropping to the floor, thus eliminating himself. Kohler proceeded to go on a rant about how this would not have happened in Pro Wrestling for NES or King of the Ring for SNES. His rant ended when he was attacked mercilessly by Pat Baer.

Kohler enters at #5. Kohler faces some real characters. Kohler lasted nearly 10 minutes.


Chris made his return as a last minute replacement at PAX RUMBLE IV. Having spent so much time away from the ring, he had apparently forgotten which button punches. Kohler entered at #20 and, after about ninety seconds, he became one of Teddy Dief’s many, many victims.

Kohler returns!

San Francisco, CA
by way of Northford, CT
Eliminating Himself
Retro Gaming
The N64
”The N64 isn’t even a classic console!”

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