Kenny Omega

PAX Rumble V

The leader of the Bullet Club, the first-ever IWGP United States Champion, and the greatest professional wrestler on le planet, Kenny Omega, made a surprise debut at PAX RUMBLE V via satellite. In a shocking development, Kenny stated he had sent some friends to dispose of the "losers" in the league. He claimed these friends were leaders of the digital revolution; a...DIGIVOLUTION. Kenny guaranteed that they (Matt Conn, The White Owl, The Great Suda, and Mega Ran) would collectively win the RUMBLE and change the world.

When Dr. Tracksuit captured the win in the RUMBLE, Kenny appeared on the jumbotron again. This time, he was in a fit of rage. He commanded the entirety of THE DIGIVOLUTION to return to the lair. He tore off his "too tight" shirt, slammed it to the ground, and stormed out of the room. When will see Kenny and THE DIGIVOLUTION again? No one currently knows.

A...DIGIVOLUTION! We lost?! Return to the lair!

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Street Fighter
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