Lady Aviary

PAX Rumble V

Justine Colla flew sixteen hours from Australia for a shot in the 2017 RUMBLE. Her happy-go-lucky attitude was a cause for concern in the eyes of Pat Baer. He feared they had accidentally invited too many nice people. Justine hit the ring at #21 as Shawn Michaels, which was perfect considering she was wearing a "Heartbreaker" shirt. Unfortunately for Justine, she ran into the unstoppable force known as Mega Ran.

*This seat has an obstructed view.

The Great Australian Bash

When League of Heels announced their first-ever international show, Justine was ecstatic. When The Great Australian Bash arrived, Justine welcomed the League to her home country with a whole new attitude. Calling herself "Lady Aviary," declared that video games and anyone who plays them are stupid. She had even hired local professional wrestlers as bodyguards. Lady Aviary made it to the final four of the battle royal, but was the first one eliminated. She then demanded that Aaron Trites put her back in the match. When he refused, her bodyguards began threatening fans. When security was called, it was revealed that she had paid them off too! After taking matters into his own hands by physically tossing a bodyguard off the stage, Aaron announced he was banning Lady Aviary from LOH...4 Life! She stormed out of the arena and has not been seen since.

The Skies Down Under
Video Games
Getting Banned

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