Jon Brown

Jon Brown, an artist at Boneloaf (creators of Gang Beasts), made his debut in LOH Wrestling at the 3rd Annual* Rumble where he entered at #22 and dominated much of the late stages of the match. The interesting part of his five and a half minute run (longer than all but three other superstars) is that he eliminated Greg Rice of Double Fine (publisher of Gang Beasts), Felix Kramer (who was wearing Gang Beasts-inspired ring attire), and Rami Ismail (one of the biggest supporters of indie games in the world. Why did Jon go rogue? Was the temptation of gold so great that he forsook his friends? Immediately following the match, Greg Rice was even threatening to cancel Gang Beasts as a result. Maybe Jon came to his senses near the end of the Rumble because he ended up eliminating himself by jumping off the apron.

Greg Rice joins… …and gets tossed by Jon. What have I done?!

Sheffield, England
Greg Rice?

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