Jessa Brezinski

Jessa Brezinski, a product manager at Harmonix, was a last minute replacement in the 3rd Annual* Rumble. Who did she replace? We’ll never know. But, Jessa held her own in the match, despite Aaron Trites’ expectations. She entered the Rumble at #4, which meant she started the match in the ring. While other superstars came and went, Jessa was entangled in a brutal battle with former Harmonix community manager, Sean Baptiste. After four solid minutes of vicious slaps, Sean was finally able to knock Jessa out of the ring. At 4 minutes, Jessa lasted longer than twenty-one other superstars in the match!

What is even happening? Laughing at Nick’s expense.
Laughing at Danny’s expense. The war with Sean ends.

Somerville-Cambridge, MA
by way of Texas

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