Jeff Gerstmann

Jeff Gerstmann was widely regarded as the best manager in LOH history. Jeff was quick to remind everyone that he was not a wrestler; he was simply an advocate for the most unpredictable man in all of eSports entertainment, Dr. Tracksuit. Jeff’s client was a madman that couldn’t be expected to understand things like promptness, legality of narcotics, or sleep, so Jeff did all of the promotional and managerial work required to ensure that the “Prescriber of Pain” was in the right place at the right time. Jeff had a knack for provoking LOH superstars to the brink of “violence ass violence,” but then calmly reminds them… “I’m only a advocate.”

Sometime during 2015, Jeff lost all contact with Dr. Tracksuit. After countless attempts to relocate the madman, Jeff gave up all hope and therefore did not attend PAXAMANIA II in early 2016. Although, Dr. Tracksuit did reappear thanks to D-Leazy finding him as a changed man in Fresno.

Jeff cutting a promo on D-Leazy. ”Dr. Tracksuit is gonna end you, son!”


Jeff returned to LOH at PAX RUMBLE IV by joining Aaron Trites at the announce desk as a temporary replacement for Eric Pope on color commentary. He made it known that he was there to scout new talent and that he was looking to get back into managing, though Austin Walker had recently turned him down. During the introductions, Jeff turned down an opportunity to represent Danny O’Dwyer. No one had signed with Jeff by the end of the show, so where he goes next is still a mystery.

Testing out the new belt. Ready for color commentary. The main event.

Petaluma, CA
Gin, Onions, Kingdom Hearts

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