Calamity Jamie

PAX Rumble IV

Amazon Games’ Calamity Jamie made her League of Heels debut at PAX RUMBLE IV when she joined forces with LOH veterans Amarisse Sullivan and Kate Welch to form The Duchesses of Doki Doki, Killers of Your Kokoros, Your Senpais the Shoujo Slayers. Unfortunately for Jamie, she entered at #13, which was unlucky for her since the other two members of her team didn’t enter until much later. She seemingly charmed both Lord Stark and Teddy Dief with her magic wand, but this advantage was negated by the fact that she was trying to use the N64 analog stick to control her wrestler. She was eliminated by Canadian Dan Ryckert in just over thirty seconds.

The Shoujo Slayers Charming Lord Stark & Teddy.

Seattle, WA
Corgis, PB&J, Magic Wands

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