Greg Rice

Greg Rice of Double Fine made his LOH debut at the 3rd annual* Rumble where he entered at #25. Although he drew a great number, he was taken out in just under two minutes when Jon Brown of Boneloaf. This may make things awkward for Jon considering that Double Fine is publishing Gang Beasts. We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of that down the road.

After being eliminated, Greg turned his focus to the established giant of League of Heels, D-Leazy. As D-Leazy entered the ring at #27, Greg grappled with him, delaying the Run GFB leader’s participation in the Rumble match. While the LOH Universe would love to see these two goliaths clash in the virtual squared circle, it may never happen now that Commissioner Greggy has fired D-Leazy.

Greg enters the fray. The tallest fight in eSports entertainment.

San Francisco, CA
”The Tallest Man in Video Games”
Beasting It
Dave Lang

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