Jeff Green

Jeff Green is best known for his work at 1UP and elevator stories. On a normal day, he is now a consultant at Hit Detection. But, about once a year, when LOH Wrestling has a major event coming up, fans start wondering when Jeff Green will return. Prior to the inaugural Rumble, Jeff made his shocking return to the LOH universe by saving his fellow Jeff from a beatdown at the hands of the treacherous Alex Navarro and John Drake. No one truly knows when Jeff Green will return to the ring. And, when he does, we may not even recognize him. He tends to wear a different mask every time.

Who is this masked man?! Squaring off against Team Harmonix. The Real American!

In January 2016, at Southern Slam, Jeff Green became the first member of the LOH Hall of Fame.

At PAX RUMBLE IV, Jeff returned to LOH via satellite to reveal that he had used years of bribes from reviewing games to fund the purchase of League of Heels. He immediately renamed the league to “Jeff Green’s League of People in the Gaming Industry Who Wrestle at PAX” and then reinstated Dirty Dan Ryckert. Unfortunately, Jeff passed away (again) several minutes later and left the league in the hands of Amarisse Sullivan and Jacqui Collins for their birthday.

He’s totally fine.

He’s alive! And he owns the league! Nice shoes!

Berkeley, CA
Being Acquired by EA (again)

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