Genevieve St-Onge


Genevieve made her LOH debut at PAX RUMBLE IV as part of a tag team with “client #1” Teddy Dief, but, when she arrived in Seattle, it seemed that she was more concerned with being a dedicated member of Team Fat with former commissioner and “client #2” Greg Miller. Gen and Teddy started the Rumble at #2 and #3 respectively; poised to dominate the Rumble as a unified force. But, thirty seconds into the match, Gen left the ring to tend to Greg in his wheelchair. Despite being abandoned, Teddy ran roughshod over virtually everyone else in the Rumble. What’s next for Gen now? Well, there seems to be a rivalry brewing between her and The Bank

Meeting Canadian Dan. Confronted by The Bank.
A brief Rumble. Standing up to The Bank.

Montréal, Québec
Subway is Better Than Jimmy John’s
Making Acquisitions

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