PAX Rumble IV

It was bound to happen at some point. A true eSports professional entered the world of eSports Entertainment at PAX RUMBLE IV. KF.Fobwashed was flown in from Korea thanks to several lucrative sponsorships including Kinda Funny, Kakao Talk, The Hamster Alliance, Gunbound, ProWrestling.cool, and his very own side project known as Rumble Road. Unfortunately for him, his primary sponsor, Greg Miller, never took the time to explain that personal controllers are not permitted in League of Heels.

When KF.Fobwashed attempted to enter the ring at #17, he was stopped by Pat Baer who forced him to leave his keyboard behind. Moments later, The Merchador creeped up to the ring apron, stole the keyboard, and began hocking it at the Experimental Mobile Merch Platform™. Meanwhile, in the ring, KF.Fobwashed barely had enough time to figure out how to operate an N64 controller before he was mesmerized by a spell cast by The Bitch Witch. For the remainder of his short time in the match, KF.Fobwashed was unconsciously helping the witch. Not long after, he was dispatched from the ring by Canadian Dan Ryckert, which broke the spell. Confused on multiple levels, KF.Fobwashed left the ring disappointed and looking for the ESL Arena on the PAX show floor.

Ready to Rumble So many sponsors.
You can’t use that! She put a spell on you.

Definitely Korea
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