The Bitch Witch

PAX Rumble IV

By day, Erica a.k.a. Aurahack is an art director and UI designer. By night, she transforms into a mask-wearing, bat-wielding witch who has the power to mesmerize anyone who crosses her path, thus creating an army of minions to do her bidding. She entered PAX RUMBLE IV at #17 as the first person to ever draw Matt Hardy. Before even stepping foot in the ring, she cast a spell on KF.Fobwashed in an attempt to create an impromptu tag team to dominate the second half of the Rumble. Unfortunately, her plan was immediately derailed by the freight train that was Teddy Dief. Once Fobwashed was eliminated, the spell broke and he had no idea what had even happened.

So spooky! Puttin’ a spell on KF.Fobwashed

Ville-Marie, Montréal, QC
Big Hats & Big Bats
Tightenin’ Up the Graphics
Uncooperative Minions

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