Eric Baudour

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Eric Baudour is a member of Mega64 as well as the co-host of the Go Home Show, a wrestling podcast. While the majority of LOH’s superstars seem to enjoy talking smack and threatening each other, Baudour entered the second Rumble by taking the high road. Taking his “Too Sweet” motto literally, Eric just wanted to have a good time while encouraging respectful competition amongst the competitors in the ring.

Although Eric lasted less than ninety seconds in the match, he delivered one of the most memorable moments of the event when he eliminated Dan Ryckert.

Too sweet! Eric eliminates Dan! Eric taken out by The People’s Champ!


After two years away, Eric Baudour returned to LOH in PAX RUMBLE IV with a new attitude. Gone was the “too sweet” positivity. He vowed to win the LOH Championship for all his ninjas in the crowd. “Mad mother fuckin’ clown love! Whoop! Whoop!” he exclaimed as he exited The Baer Caev. John Drake then admitted that he went to The Gathering looking for anyone who wanted to beat up Dirty Dan Ryckert, and Eric signed up. He entered this year’s Rumble at #7 and was the second of Teddy Dief’s thirteen victims.

Whoop! Whoop! Wait…I’m Bradshaw?

San Diego, CA
”Whoop! Whoop!”

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