David Ellis

David Ellis is a multiplayer designer at 343 Industries, but prior to joining LOH Wrestling, he was likely best known for days at 1UP and the various podcasts he appeared on. Clearly, working on Halo has changed David Ellis from how fans knew him back then. He’s leaner, meaner, and wants nothing to do with the fans. When he enters a LOH arena, he is flanked by a posse of security that keep the eyes and hands of fans away from him as well as blocking photos from the media.

In the 2014 Prime Rumble, David Ellis entered at #14 as Triple H. In his five minutes in the ring, he eliminated both Kate Welch, who had been dominating for the last ten minutes of the match, and Tina Amini before eventually getting tossed by “The People’s Champ” Samantha Kalman.

Double elimination!

Kirkland, WA
by way of North Carolina
The Carolina Panthers
The Carolina Panthers
”No photos!”

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