Eric Neustadter

Eric Neustadter, better known as simply “e,” was once known as the Operations Manager for Xbox Live. But, once he enters a LOH ring, he becomes a delusional maniac who, for some reason, thinks he’s preparing for a football game. As an alumnus of the University of Oregon, e competes in the stylish Nike gear worn by the Ducks…complete with helmet. Some other superstars claim this is an unfair advantage, but it hasn’t proved to be very effective for him at this point anyway. In two Rumble appearances, e has lasted less than two minutes combined and has failed to eliminate anyone. Despite this, he did temporarily knock out The Underdraker by hitting him with his helmet near the end of the second Rumble, which may have contributed to the collapse of Run GFB’s dominance in the match.

Battling Run GFB.

Eugene, OR
Mens Agitat Molem

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