Dr. Conrad Tracksuit

”The Prescriber of Pain,” Dr. Tracksuit is the epitome of a loose cannon. He is unpredictable. He is illogical. And, quite frankly, he is dangerous to anyone in his general area. His advocate, Jeff Gerstmann, was the only one who had some semblance of control over the Doctor, but even Jeff would admit he was never sure exactly where Tracksuit was. He claimed to swim to every LOH event regardless of where the event is located, but has recently secured possession of a submarine.

In 2015, the maniacal Tracksuit was group hugged by the Indie Love Coalition at PAXAMANIA. Then, he ended up helping the ILC despite his affiliation with RUN GFB at the Rumble. He then disappeared for months, which led to Jeff Gerstmann announcing that Tracksuit was officially no longer his client.

Dr. Tracksuit was found in 2016 by D-Leazy and his team of legal advisors. Inexplicably, Dr. Tracksuit was truthful about one thing all along. He is legitimately a doctor with the ability to prescribe narcotics. When D-Leazy found him, he was operating a family practice in Fresno as well as donating his time to charitable organizations. He has since returned to LOH Wrestling as a changed man.

In early 2017, a plan was secretly hatched by Aaron Trites to “reawaken” the doctor and reunite RUN GFB. The plan succeeded and the doctor has been his maniacal self ever since.

PAX East Rumble 2014

At the inaugural Rumble, Dr. Tracksuit was eliminated by Phil Tibitoski in about ninety seconds. Despite this, Dr. Tracksuit and John Drake formed an alliance and attacked Dan Teasdale and D-Leazy by shattering glass bottles over their heads mid-match. Dr. Tracksuit took D-Leazy’s place in the match and illegally eliminated both Andrea Rene and Torrence Davis before being tossed by the eventual champion, Alex Navarro.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

When Dr. Tracksuit arrived in Seattle for the second Rumble, he had a plan. A plan to get some doughnuts at Top Pot. Thanks to his advocate, Jeff Gerstmann, Tracksuit was able to locate the Grand Hyatt in time for the match. He eliminated both Mitch Dyer and Andrea Rene (AGAIN!) before Charlie Chu shocked the world by dismissing the Doctor. Later in the match, the lights went out and Dr. Tracksuit appeared with a golden urn. With it, he summoned The Underdraker, his ally from the previous Rumble. Together, they appeared to going after D-Leazy again, but stunned the capacity crowd by smashing glass over the heads of “The People’s Champ” Samantha Kalman and Shawn Allen. The two then revealed they had joined forces with D-Leazy to form the most hated faction in all of LOH, Run GFB. The three of them dominated the rest of the Rumble until Greg Miller choked out D-Leazy, then eliminated both Underdraker and Dr. Tracksuit to win it all.

Pre-GFB Tracksuit. THE UNDERDRAKER! GFB so evil it’s funny.


At PAXAMANIA, Dr. Tracksuit and his Run GFB faced off against the newly formed Indie Love Coalition in a Saturday Night Slam Masters Best of 3 Falls match. In the third and final match, Dr. Tracksuit was defeated by Samantha Kalman. Post-match, Tracksuit went berserk. The ILC attempted to put him down at first by attacking him, but the insane doctor blocked all of their attempts, then smashed a glass beaker over his own head in frustration. The ILC were finally able to subdue Dr. Tracksuit with the power of…hugs. Had this massive group hug changed (cured?) Dr. Tracksuit?

PAXAMANIA entrance. Luxurious tracksuit. Teeth grinding action!
Tracksuit defeated! Tracksuit is crazy!

PAX Rumble 2015

We got our answer at the 3rd Annual* Rumble. Dr. Tracksuit entered the match at #20, but was eliminated by Dan Teasdale after just eighteen seconds. Payback for getting glassed at the inaugural Rumble maybe? After Samantha won the Rumble, it was announced that the title match would be held within a steel cage to prevent interference. Inexplicably, Dr. Tracksuit tore through the cage when the champ, Alex Navarro, commanded him to attack Kalman. Instead, the doctor hugged her. It appears the group hug from the Indie Love Coalition at PAXAMANIA had indeed swayed the maniacal doctor. He then turned and embraced Navarro in a vicious bear hug, which stunned the champ. Kalman then smashed Navarro’s head with a shard of the indie trophy that had been broken by D-Leazy and escaped the cage to win. Dr. Tracksuit stumbled around and quickly ran out of the arena while D-Leazy shouted obscenities at him in utter confusion.

The commish confronts the doctor about his neck. The hug heard ‘round the world. Tracksuit leaves town!


After many months of no one hearing from Dr. Tracksuit (not even his advocate, Jeff Gerstmann, he was found by D-Leazy in Fresno where he had begun operating a family practice with no knowledge of his past life in LOH Wrestling. D-Leazy and his legal team convinced him to come to PAXAMANIA II in Boston in an attempt to win the Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament. D-Leazy and Ramón were able to amend the LOH Wrestling Code of Conduct in order to make it illegal for anyone to reference Tracksuit’s past or even mention RUN GFB in his presence.

Upon arriving to the arena, Dr. Conrad Tracksuit (pronounced Track-swee), took the opportunity to warn the LOH Universe about the dangers of conjunctivitis with the popularity of the new VR headsets. Tracksuit and D-Leazy ended up advancing to the finals via forfeit, but then forfeited the finals themselves when John Drake and The Gentleman offered them a ton of money to leave. What’s next for the doctor? No one can be certain.

Wait…what? Shielded from violence. Get that money! For charity.


Dr. Conrad Tracksuit somehow won a trip to Boston that just so happened to be the same weekend as PAXAMANIA III. When he checked into his hotel room, he found a gray “sports suit” and was told to make his way to the Dragonfly Theatre. There it was revealed that he was part of D-Leazy’s team of veterans that were set to take on a team of rookies in an elimination match. The doctor was confused, but competed nonetheless. He seemed too afraid of the germs on the N64 controller to get in much offense, but still survived nearly five minutes before being eliminated by The Vampire Butler.

After the match, despite losing, D-Leazy proclaimed that this and everything else for the past several years were all a part of his master plan. It was then that Alexa blew a cloud of “white powder” into the doctor’s face. This triggered a frightening transformation back into the Dr. Tracksuit of old. The insane doctor and the rest of D-Leazy’s team then revealed that they were all wearing RUN GFB shirts. A new era of RUN GFB had begun!

Reawakened madness. RUN GFB IS BACK! This can’t be good.


Since reuniting RUN GFB at PAXAMANIA III, Dr. Tracksuit has been spending a lot of time on his submarine recording a new mixtape with RiFF RAFF. The doctor entered the fifth RUMBLE at the magical number of 27. With Alexa coming in at #25 and D-Leazy at #29, it seemed that RUN GFB had the win securely locked up. But, the agent of chaos, ”Authentic New Yorker” Dan Ryckert quickly dispatched Alexa and D-Leazy, and then it was down to just Dan and Tracksuit. Despite eliminating fourteen other superstars, Dan was incapable of getting a fifteenth, and Dr. Tracksuit was declared the winner of the fifth Rumble and was presented a rotisserie chicken dinner.

Although he had the right to challenge the champ, Dr. Tracksuit passed this right to “the boss” of RUN GFB, D-Leazy. The title match never happened though, because the champion, Austin Walker, had been poisoned earlier in the show and subsequently died as the title match was about to begin. It was then revealed that the culprit was none other than Aaron Trites who had secretly coordinated the RUN GFB reunion back in Boston and plotted to oust the champion. Dr. Tracksuit celebrated
Victory! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. A diabolical plan comes together. Welcome to 2017.

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