D-Leazy, Esquire

D-Leazy was the leader of the dastardly faction known as Run GFB. As such, he was one of the most (if not THE most) hated men in all of LOH Wrestling history. Like any nefarious stable, Run GFB had its followers. Although he was fired by Commissioner Greggy at the conclusion of the 3rd Annual* Rumble, D-Leazy has yet to miss a LOH Wrestling event in several years. Nor has he ever been pinned or submitted at any of those events.

PAX East Rumble 2014

Prior to the first Rumble, he promised to steamroll all twenty-nine other superstars, and he may have done exactly that if it were not for John Drake and Dr. Tracksuit. Although both had already been eliminated, Drake and Tracksuit attacked D-Leazy with glass bottles and took his place in the match.

D-Leazy laid out the night before the 1st Rumble. Glassed again! The Lang Zone is real.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

At the second Rumble, the unthinkable occurred. Once again, Tracksuit and Drake were eliminated early. But, after D-Leazy entered the match, Tracksuit returned holding a golden urn. With the power of the urn, he resurrected Drake…now known as The Underdraker. When it appeared as though Tracksuit and Underdraker would glass D-Leazy again, they instead smashed Samantha Kalman and Shawn Allen. They then revealed that they had joined with D-Leazy and formed Run GFB. The capacity crowd in Seattle was stunned. But, just as it seemed Run GFB were going to annihilate the remaining competitors, Greg Miller entered the ring and choked out D-Leazy while Tracksuit and Underdraker were busy with Felix Kramer. Miller went on to win the Rumble and faced Navarro for the title.

Get hype from Rumble #2! GFB so evil it’s funny. D-Leazy robbed again!


At PAXAMANIA, D-Leazy and Run GFB fought the Indie Love Coalition in a Best of 3 Falls match in Saturday Night Slam Masters. D-Leazy handedly defeated Alexa Ray Corriea in the first round, but Run GFB lost the match 2-1. Later in the event, Run GFB had been hired as mercenaries by the challenger for the World Championship, Dirty Dan Ryckert. Run GFB double crossed him though, as it was revealed that the champion, Alex Navarro, was the fourth member of the group.

Victorious in Slam Masters. Escorting Ryckert. Run GFB puts Ryckert through a table.

PAX Rumble 2015

By the time the 3rd Annual* Rumble came around, Run GFB was on top of the world. They had the championship belt and all the power. With three members entering the Rumble match, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that they would be ale to prevent anyone from challenging The Wolf for his title. But, the UnderDraker was dispatched by his own personal nightmare, Dan Teasdale. Then Dr. Tracksuit met the same fate. D-Leazy entered at #27, which seemed like the perfect spot to bop some fools near the end. But, he was tossed by the unlikeliest of superstars, Samit Sarkar!

Samantha Kalman went on to win the Rumble then defeated Alex Navarro in a steel cage match for the LOH Championship. The match also saw Dr. Tracksuit succumb to the power of love. Navarro, pissed off that Run GFB failed to protect him, quit the faction. The UnderDraker then stated he had been silent for too long and resigned as well, claiming this wasn’t what he signed up for. Commissioner Greggy, having promised to fire someone in Run GFB earlier in the night, fired D-Leazy (the only one left) from LOH Wrestling.

The tallest fight in eSports Entertainment. D-Leazy vs Samantha. D-Leazy fired!

Southern Slam

With Commissioner Greg Meyer not in attendance for the inaugural Southern Slam, D-Leazy jumped at the opportunity to get back into LOH Wrestling by joining Aaron Trites at the desk for color commentary. He claimed to have spent the last four months studying Mexican law, which he plans to use to find a loophole that will allow him to enter the ring at PAXAMANIA II. The Commish will certainly not be happy about this development.

D-Leazy returns!


D-Leazy continued his streak of participating in every LOH event in history much to the commissioner’s dismay. As he promised at Southern Slam, D-Leazy had found a loophole thanks to his legal advisor, Ramón, that would allow him to compete once again. Not only that, but his legal team had discovered the location of the elusive Dr. Tracksuit. No one had seen the doctor since Seattle when he stormed off in a state of confusion. Well, D-Leazy and Ramón found him in Fresno where he had opened a family practice and working for charity. D-Leazy was able to convince his former partner to join him once again for the Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament, but had also used his legal prowess to add an amendment to the LOH Code of Conduct that made it illegal for anyone to mention anything related Dr. Tracksuit’s former life in any way.

In the first round of the tournament, D-Leazy and Tracksuit were to face off against Alex Navarro & newcomer Cohen Edenfield. The Wolf was upset that the commissioner had denied him his rematch for the title, so he decided to murder Cohen in order to ruin the tournament. Cohen’s ghost then rose from below the ring and chased The Wolf out of the building, which gave D-Leazy and Tracksuit the win by forfeit. In the finals, Johnny Cashanova and The Gentleman paid them money to forfeit the match.

Later, D-Leazy returned by interrupting the championship match between Samantha Kalman and Danielle Riendeau. He revealed that former ILC member, Alexa Ray Corriea, had hired him in a wrongful termination law suit which meant the champ was suspended from in-ring competition. This led to Austin Walker taking her place in the match, winning, and thus creating a controversy over who the rightful champion is.

They found him! Shielding Tracksuit from the violence.
Gettin’ paid! Servin’ papers.


D-Leazy, one of two people to have participated in every Rumble, came to Seattle with a new attitude. His primary concern was the well-being of his newest client, Alexa Ray Corriea. Prior to his entry into the Rumble at #26, it was announced that ownership of the league had changed once again. When D-Leazy entered the ring, everyone assumed he was the new owner, but he revealed that he had won a case in the 5th District Court for his client and secured ownership for her without spending a dime.

Once he took his spot in the Rumble itself, D-Leazy became the victim of what would become known as “The Daigo Moment of LOH” and remembered forever. He had tossed Kate Welch to the apron, and then the unthinkable happened. Kate successfully dodged twelve consecutive attacks from D-Leazy before safely getting back into the ring. Not only that, but she immediately threw him out right after.

Accompanying his client. Legalia. The Daigo Moment


D-Leazy came to PAXAMANIA III ready to hatch a master plan. When Johnny Cashanova called upon D-Leazy to put together a 4-person team of veterans for tag team warfare, D-Leazy knew it would be a perfect opportunity. Despite being thrown out of the ring by rookie superstar (and rookie vampire) Tanya Short and his team of vets losing to the rookie squad, D-Leazy successfully launched the rebirth of RUN GFB after the match. Now consisting of original member Dr. Tracksuit and former ILC members Alexa Ray Corriea and Rich Gallup, a new era of RUN GFB was poised to run roughshod over the league.

Cutie both ways. Taking out Big Boy. Wait there’s vampires now?
Up 4 to 2. Hatching the plan.


D-Leazy came to the fifth RUMBLE feeling more confident than ever. With RUN GFB reborn, D-Leazy was ready to dominate the Rumble the same way his diabolical faction did in 2014. With Alexa coming in at #25, Dr. Tracksuit at #27, and then D-Leazy at #29, it appeared that nothing could go wrong for his quest to become champion. But, Alexa was dispatched in less than 30 seconds by Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert and then the unthinkable happened. D-Leazy was tossed by Ryckert just 16 seconds after he came into the ring.

All hope was not lost, though, as Dr. Tracksuit ended Ryckert’s record-breaking run in the Rumble and won. Tracksuit then deferred his championship opportunity to “the boss,” D-Leazy. The match with Austin Walker never officially happened, though. Having been poisoned earlier in the evening, the LOH champion collapsed and died before the bell could ring. This is when Aaron Writes revealed his dastardly plan, six months in the making, to unseat the champion, join RUN GFB, and crown D-Leazy the champion.

The champ is down. The fix is in. A new champ is here. RUN GFB reigns.

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