Devon Gardner


Devon Gardner came to Boston thinking he was there to help promote Mass Effect Andromeda for BioWare, but when Eric Pope put out a call to arms to wrestle for the glory of Canada and “Daddy Trudeau,” Devon came running to the Dragonfly Theatre. When Kate Stark got tossed out of the ring by Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert, Devon jumped into the ring immediately. Before Devon’s avatar (Vince McMahon) entered the match, Devon used Kate’s avatar (Kane) to pull both Ryckert and Pat Baer out of the ring from the outside. This, while technically illegal, still counts as an elimination since Ryckert’s and Baer’s feet hit the floor. Once Pope was eliminated, Devon was the only Canadian left. While he was focused on Danika Harrod, Ryckert used Baer’s eliminated avatar (The Rock) to pull Devon out from the outside too. Thus, Team NYC won the match.

Kate gets eliminated. Controversial finish.

Edmonton, AB
”Sorry about this.”

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