Danny O’Dwyer


Danny O’Dwyer of NoClip was supposed to make his LOH debut at the first PAXAMANIA, but the “official” story is that his travel expenses were not approved. In his stead, Mary Kish entered the Gang Beasts Invitational and nearly won the whole thing. By the time the 2015 Rumble rolled around, O’Dwyer had a chip on his shoulder and intended on taking everyone out. He cut a promo prior to the event declaring that he was going bring some class to LOH Wrestling and taunted a cavalcade of other superstars. When it came time to put his pinginí where his mouth was, it looked like everything was lining up perfectly for O’Dwyer. He entered at #6 and drew “Ken Fucking Shamrock” as Aaron Trites eloquently pointed out. But, The Notorious D.O.D. survived less than two minutes in the ring before being tossed by Kate Welch.

Danny immediately packed up his gear in a suitcase and started to wheel it out of the arena on his way back to the Emerald Isle. Before he exited though, he had a few choice words for LOH Commissioner Gruesome Greggy. The two had a bit of a shouting match until O’Dwyer cold cocked him, which left the commish face down on the Hyatt carpet. O’Dwyer will undoubtedly have to pay for this later.

Too hype to sit down. The D.O.D. is D.O.A.
O’Dwyer high tails it back to Ireland. The commish laid out by the D.O.D.


As the hottest free agent in gaming journalism, Danny entered PAX RUMBLE IV looking for a job. Both Jeff Gerstmann and Austin Walker immediately shot him down, but Danny entered the Rumble anyway. Entering at #21, Danny was eliminated in just over a minute by Teddy Dief, who dominated the majority of the event.

Lookin’ for work. Get hype. Stay hype.

Waterford, Ireland
”The Notorious D.O.D.”
”I’m Here to Take Over!”
The Art of Human Movement
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