Danielle Riendeau


”The Boxing EMT” Danielle Riendeau made her eSports Entertainment debut at PAXAMANIA II in Boston, Massachusetts. The champion, Samantha Kalman introduced her as the newest member of the Indie Love Coalition and then immediately gave her the title shot that was left open when Amarisse Sullivan was unable to make it to the event.

In the match for the LOH Championship, Danielle chose to fight as The Amazon in Pro Wrestling (NES). The match was interrupted when D-Leazy ran in with “legal proceedings” filed against the champ. D-Leazy claimed to have been hired by former ILC member, Alexa Ray Corriea in a wrongful termination suit. Until the matter was resolved in court, Samantha had been suspended from in-ring competition. The champ convinced Austin Walker to fill in for her in the rest of the match. Danielle was unable to defeat “Professa Killah” and thus created a controversy over who is truly the rightful champion of LOH Wrestling.

Samantha became frustrated with the controversy and went on a tirade about how she became the best in the world without the help of anyone else. This led to Danielle knocking her out with a straight right punch that echoed throughout the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Being an EMT, Danielle did feel responsible to resuscitate the champ before taking her leave.

Joining the ILC. Competing for the title! Now Austin? The KO heard ‘round Boston.

PAX Rumble IV

Danielle returned to the LOH ring for PAX RUMBLE IV where she and Alexa Ray Corriea confronted the LOH Champion, Samantha Kalman, for ruining everything the Indie Love Coalition stood for. The champ, still sporting a black eye from five months ago, was hearing none of it.

Danielle entered the Rumble at #4 where she inadvertently instigated the most confusing series of events in LOH history. For unknown reasons, both Danielle and Genevieve St-Onge both picked Mr. Ass at the start of the Rumble. Danielle was actually the first superstar eliminated, but because Gen left the ring to tend to Greg Miller, everyone, including Danielle, assumed the Mr. Ass that got eliminated was Gen. So, Danielle stayed in the ring thinking she was the other Mr. Ass, even though she began playing as Kane when Alexa entered at #5. When the other Mr. Ass got eliminated, Alexa left the stage due to the heavy lights affecting lingering concussion symptoms. Danielle even eliminated two other superstars illegally before Teddy Dief tossed Kane, which forced Danielle to finally leave. Pat Baer had no chance of explaining this one live.

Danielle wants another title shot. Confronting the champ. Game face.


The Boxing EMT appeared at her second PAXAMANIA in 2017 as a tag team partner of LOH Champion Austin Walker. With the Indie Love Coalition completely dissolved, Danielle found herself in the main event of the evening fighting for justice against the evil establishment of Johnny Cashanova and The Bank.

Despite being booked against him in the main event, when Drake injured his ankle celebrating the win of his Vampire Butler in the opening match, Danielle attempted to offer him medical assistance. When it came to ring the bell for their match though, Danielle immediately went after the owner of the league. She ended up knocking him out cold with a right cross that sent him crashing through the announce table. Danielle quickly pinned him making it a 2-on-1 fight against The Bank. Within a few seconds, The Bank was tapping out to a cobra clutch from the champ, and all was good in the world…for now.

Always an EMT first. On the verge of victory.


Danielle came to Seattle not just to compete in the fifth RUMBLE, but also as Austin Walker’s bodyguard. Unfortunately, she failed miserably as the champion was poisoned to death by the end of the show. Despite being a certified EMT, she was unable to utilize the “electrodes” from four N64 controllers to resuscitate Professa Killah. On top of all that, she was only able to survive about 30 seconds in the Rumble and was eliminated by a mouse. Where does The Boxing EMT go from here?

On the edge of their seats. Oh no! Not like this!

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