Matt Conn

PAX Rumble V

After years of trying to find his way into the RUMBLE, MidBoss' Matt Conn finally got his big break in 2017 as a member of Kenny Omega's new faction known as THE DIGIVOLUTION. Along with The White Owl, The Great Suda, and Mega Ran, they swore to not only win the Rumble, but to change the video game wrestling world. Matt entered at #18 as Big Bossman (MidBossman?), but was dispatched by Authentic New Yorker Dan Ryckert in about a minute. After Dr. Tracksuit won the RUMBLE, Omega commanded THE DIGIVOLUTION to return to their secret lair to regroup. What will their next move be?

THE DIGIVOLUTION is here! Introducing The White Owl! Introducing The Great Suda! Mass confusion.

San Francisco 2064
Glass Skulls
Paying Customers
Going Back to the Lair

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