Chris Faylor

Chris Faylor of Armature Studios made his LOH debut as the #19 entrant in the 2015 Rumble. Chris later admitted to Eric Pope that he had never played WrestleMania 2000 before, but no one would have ever guessed that since he lasted longer than anyone in that year’s Rumble (10:11). He only eliminated two people, but one of those was Dan Teasdale who had eliminated seven superstars already. Chris can also be proud of the fact that it was the eventual champion, Samantha Kalman, that eliminated him.

Chris may want to watch his back though. Dan Ryckert can get pretty upset when someone else wears American flag pants. Gimmick infringement is serious business.

Chris survived a long time. Over 10 minutes in fact. Eliminated by the champ.

Plano, TX
Cats, Elvis Wigs

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