Jon Carnage

Jon Carnage is the programming director at Twitch, but when he enters a LOH arena, something changes within this man. Most importantly, he loses the ability to wear clothing. If Aaron Trites is the best dressed man in LOH Wrestling, then Jon Carnage is the least dressed man.

Unfortunately for Carnage, he holds the dubious distinctions of being both the first person ever eliminated from a PAX Rumble as well as the fastest elimination in the history of LOH. Carnage drew #3 at the first Rumble, which meant he started the match already in the ring. It took just seven seconds for Nick Chester to toss the Twitch man out of the ring.

In the second Rumble, Carnage survived nineteen times longer than he did the first time… two minutes and eighteen seconds. He was eliminated by Dr. Tracksuit after the doctor had illegally re-entered the match.

The inaugural Rumble begins! Clothing optional in 2nd Rumble.

San Francisco, CA
Purple Hoodies
Any Other Clothing

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