Austin Walker

PAX Rumble 2015

Austin Walker admits up front that he is not here in LOH Wrestling for the gold. He’s here to equalize. He’s here to make things right. Austin sees some superstars working hard, trying to make the world of eSports Entertainment a better place. But, he also sees some superstars scheming to take advantage of the others. So, Professa Killah entered the 2015 Rumble to not only take Run GFB down a notch, but also to correct injustices such as Dan Ryckert getting a title shot after only eliminating one person in the last Rumble. Austin was successful in helping the Indie Love Coalition dismantle Run GFB despite being eliminated quickly from the Rumble match itself. He proclaimed to Aaron Trites that he had more important business to take care of anyway.

Austin was eliminated quickly. Austin holds back Dr. Tracksuit.
Austin keeping GFB at bay. Austin tellin’ D-Leazy how it is.


Austin Walker came to PAXAMANIA II as a guest commentator for the LOH Championship match. The scheduled match was to be Amarisse Sullivan challenging Samantha Kaman, but Amarisse didn’t show up, so the champ gave the vacant title shot to her “new” best friend Danielle Riendeau. Austin may have sensed some scheming going on here and came to investigate the story. During the match, D-Leazy ran in with “legal proceedings” and claimed that Alexa Ray Cowrie was filing a wrongful termination law suit against the champ, which meant Kaman was suspended from in-ring competition until the matter was resolved. The champ convinced Austin, her former tag team partner from the old days on the eSports entertainment independent circuit, to take her place. Austin reluctantly accepted and ended up defeating Danielle. Austin believed himself to be the new LOH Champion, but Commissioner Greg Miller ruled that Samantha was still the champion. Austin promised the commish that he would “see you in Seattle!” before leaving the arena.

Comin’ outta the booth. For the title. You can’t do Kanye East like this.


The Ozymandias of the Octagon arrived in Seattle for PAX RUMBLE IV on a mission to right the wrongs of Boston. Having won the title match at PAXAMANIA II with nothing to show for it, Austin had vowed to win the Rumble and “redistribute the belt.” Well, Austin didn’t actually win the Rumble. He entered late at #28, but after eight minutes, he was eliminated by two-time runner-up Samit Sarkar. Austin’s controller was malfunctioning during the match due to mysterious circumstances, so he unleashed his back-up plan.

After John Drake won the Rumble, Austin revealed that he was in possession of the belt that Samantha Kalman had misplaced many months ago. But, the belt was not whole anymore. Austin had melted it down into dozens of gold chains which he began throwing into crowd. The promise to redistribute the belt had been fulfilled. Inspired by this display of wealth and the fact that he was still a partial owner of the league, Drake gave his title shot to Austin.

About two minutes into the triple threat match for the LOH Championship, Alex Navarro paused the game and went into an existential crisis that led to he and Samantha Kalman reminiscing about the inaugural Rumble where they teamed up to take out everyone else. Being ignored by the other competitors, Austin unpaused the game, delivered two devastating Stone Cold Stunners to Kalman, and pinned her to win the LOH Championship. A new era in eSports Entertainment had arrived!

Addressing the universe. Faulty controllers? #RedistributeTheBelt
The Wolf sees what’s comin’. Equalizin’. ”See you in Seattle.”

Somewhere in America
”Professa Killah”
”DJ Professor A”
”The Black Marx”
”The New Nietzsche”
”Real Names No Gimmicks”
”Bars von Trier”
”Wes Melanin”
”Black Rushmore”
”Yung Kafka”
”The Galactus of the Game”
”Dr. Brooklyn”
”Karl Marx Zuckerberg”
”Caramel Caesar”
”Earn Cheese Sanders”
”Kanye East”
”Big Texture”
”Arkane Austin”
”The Editor in Beef”
”The Ozymandias of the Octagon”
”Malcolm Y”
”Yung Jung”
”The Black Clark Kent”
”The Half-Blood Prince”
”Walter Benjamins”
”Andre 2999”
”LeBron Games”
”Jean-Luc Go-Hard”
”David Foster Flawless”
”The Austin Walker of Video Game Wrestling”
”Gold Down Here, I’m Up Here”
People Schemin’

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